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If you like school and are looking for a new, more challenging approach to your education, go ahead and fill out the application form!

Check out our Open House to learn more.

Application Procedure

Students entering secondary III, IV and V are eligible to apply to MIND. We are a public school within the EMSB and, as we have a limited number of places, we look for the candidates who would most benefit from our approach.

All applicants will need to fill out the application form. In addition to answering the questions, we require a number of documents: 

  • the final report card from the previous year, 

  • the most recent report card from the current year, 

  • a portfolio of work, including samples of writing from English and French classes, as well as a sample of work that you are proud of (it can be work completed for school or not),

  • the birth certificate,

  • the certificate of eligibility for education in English.

Make sure all the document names include the student's first and last name.


The application form contains four sections:

  • student and parent/guardian contact information

  • questions for the student

  • questions for the parent/guardian

  • a place to upload attachments


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