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Our Community Partnership

Hear Entendre Québec

This year, we are proud to announce that MIND High School will be partnering with Hear Entendre Québec. Our students will be putting together an awareness campaign and funding drive for Hear Entendre Québec. We are working on putting together meetings to learn more about the organization, how they operate, and the challenges that they face as they work to help people with hearing impairments.  

UNESCO and Hanze University of Applied Sciences

From March to April 2021 we met with Hanze University, a UNESCO Chair, for training in Futures Literacy. Their team worked with our staff to help design lessons that would give our students the tools they would need to better guide them as they prepare for an unknowable future. 


Futures Literacy involves considering differing perspectives of the future and breaking down assumptions to find new ways to put potentially radical ideas into practice. Head over to the UNESCO Futures Literacy page to learn more.

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